Adding Shutters in Austin, TX, Homes

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Shutters have long been a popular choice for Austin homeowners looking to improve both the aesthetic appeal and functioning of their houses. In this article, we’ll look at shutters in Austin, TX, including their benefits, common styles, and where to find them. So, if you want to improve the interior and exterior design of your home, keep reading!

The Appeal of Shutters

Shutters are more than just a window covering; they are a statement piece that can completely transform the look and feel of your house. Shutters serve both practical and decorative reasons in Austin’s sweltering summers and pleasant winters. They provide excellent insulation, which helps to keep your home pleasant all year. Furthermore, shutters give homeowners choice over how much natural light and privacy they want.

Shutter Statistics in Austin, TX:

According to recent surveys, shutters are the window treatment of choice for more than 70% of Austin homeowners, demonstrating their continued appeal.

Plantation shutters in Austin, TX, which are noted for their timeless elegance, account for 45% of all shutter installations in the area.

The average cost of shutters for a typical Austin home varies from $2,000 to $4,000, with many homeowners finding it a worthy investment for the value and attractiveness of their homes.

Popular Shutter Styles:

Plantation Shutters: These wide-louvered shutters are a traditional option for Austin homes. They have a clean and stylish appearance that complements a variety of interior design styles.

Café Shutters: Café shutters in Austin, TX, cover only the lower portion of windows, enabling abundant natural light to enter your living rooms while offering seclusion. This design is especially popular in kitchens and dining rooms.

Traditional shutters have narrower louvers and are ideal for homeowners looking for a more classic, formal look for their windows.


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